June 21, 2014


Phew. From 10/52 to 25/52. Fifteen weeks between my last post and this one, and what an insanely wild and beautiful fifteen they've been. And while fifteen photos was a tad excessive, these ten sum of the past three months pretty perfectly.

These weeks were for turning three-years old with all the excitement, ever. They were for celebrating with a space-themed party with the people who love you almost as much as we do, and for celebrating again at The Happiest Place on Earth. May it be known that Disneyland doesn't hold 100% true to that title when there is a toddler in tow. But still, it was a magical time to be Charlie Thornhill. They were weeks full of Wall-E and Hook and all of the dinosaur and space documentaries Netflix provides. They were for learning how to ride your bike and for suddenly wanting to eat as much as an adult.They were for learning math for the first time (may you love it more than every single one of your family members) and for spending day after day in the pool. We're all convinced you're part mermaid now. They were for stacks of books and making all of the bead necklaces your tiny hands could handle. They were for living room campouts and s'mores on the back deck. They were for hiking miles on your own, and for braving the ice-y waters of Lake Tahoe. What would have been torture for most people was absolute magic for you. They were weeks for making an insane amount of pineapple popsicles, and for daytrips and beach trips and redwood trips. You fell in love with "ROCK AND ROLLLL" (any song with drums) and begged for a puppy (and begged some more). You've grown so much in a matter of weeks. You're passionate and strong-willed. You have been since day one, but it's still part of what makes you so simply incredible. You're so very loved, no matter how terribly my blogging schedule says it.

C: "Are you mad?"
Me: "Not at all. Why?"
C: "Your eyes look like you're mad. I mean your eyebrows. They're really mad."

C: "What time is it?"
Me: "Past your bedtime."
C: "Nine o'clock?"
Me: "Past nine o'clock"
C: " BUT MOM. What about nine o'clock?! We NEED nine o'clock!"

I turn on oldies in the car, to which Charlie yells from the backseat,

While walking through the clothing aisle at Target:
C: "Ooooh. Fashionistas."
I must have given her an absolutely bewildered slash slightly upset look because she quickly said,
"Don't worry. I won't say that ever again."

March 7, 2014

7/52, 8/52, 9/52

"A portrait of my daughter once a week, every week, in 2014."

Pretending it's summer out, backyard hangs, the best pout, & heart-cookie making. The best things, really.

These weeks were for moving out of the home you grew the most in. For picnics in the dining room before the table was set up (which you're still asking for even now that it's up). They were for falling in love with your "huuuuuuuuuuge" room and having the same hiding spot for hide-and-go-seek every game. Weeks for celebrating love with tiny canvases and for picking every camellia you could get away with, which was most of them. They were for singing this song at the top of your lungs every. single. night. And we absolutely had to refer to you as Elsa many times this week. They were for exploring ruins in San Francisco and for mastering your hiking skills. They were for your first "rollercoaster" ride and for telling everyone, every day, that it's almost your birthday (it's over a month away, but still- we're getting there). It's your last full month as a two-year old and we're soaking that in. Two has been the absolute wildest and the absolute best. All the emotions in the world, wrapped in a three-foot tall person. 

Me: You are so stinking adorable.
Charlie: MOMMMM. No, I'm not. I'm terrific.

"I love it so much when the moon's awake."

"Going to take a shower, daddy! And I'm definitely not washing my hair!"

February 12, 2014

5/52, 6/52

"A portrait of my daughter once a week, every week, in 2014."

Moments with your best friend & your very best smirk.

This was a week for using "mom" and "dad" in place of "mama" and "daddy". It was a week for begging to stay up later than your normal bedtime, and a week for making sugar cookies that were 99% sprinkles and 1% cookie. It was a week for saying goodbye to two people who have been alongside you most of your life as they head off for a new adventure in Japan. It was a week for jumping in every single puddle you saw, and adorably only hitting the very edges of each one, causing the tiniest splash. It was a week for falling in love with Frozen despite never having seen it. It was a week for starting to put your hand up as if to say, "Talk to the hand, mother" whenever you don't want to do something I asked (where do these things come from?!). It was a week for slow dances with your dad & puzzle dates with your papa. We stared at the ring around the moon last night for what seemed like forever, and it's those moments with you that I want to pause and keep in my mind to play again and again. 

C: Hey! Who bought you that shirt? (She asks everyone who bought them anything, all of the time)
Me: Daddy did.
C, getting very serious: Ohh, Daddy. He's a good man.

(I'm singing the intro to Daniel Tiger)
C: No, mom. Just let Daniel Tiger sing that.